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Gigs by jordanss

I will send you 10,000 human visitors for GBP 5

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Will send you 10,000 unique human visitors from my PTC website ! You will get login so you can track your visits. No YouTube Sites, sites promoting illegal activity, racist sites, etc. No Frame Breakers or redirection...

I am offering 5GigsMembers Guaranteed Quality Traffic 500+ daily views to your Website on my High Traffic Website for only $5!! Your website link, video,etc will be displayed for 1 year!! We do not accept youtube videos

Get your Press Release in front of thousands of readers in just minutes! This premium service often costs $59 and up because getting on Google News is not easy. Your press release must be a minimum of 150 words and can contain up to 2 links (no affiliate links). Top Rated Seller

I will give you banner maker pro 8 for GBP 5

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Nowadays, banners are everywhere. Almost every site on the Internet has a banner. These banners usually promote something, like a product, a program, etc. Practically, banners are a key component for successful advertising. Besides creating banners, the program can also help you build web buttons, animated GIFs, logos, image ads or other web graphics. The tab system helps even beginners use the software without problems.

***BEST SOFTWARE NO BS**** This software gets you traffic whenever you want and it's free. Does not cost you anything to start receiving REAL VISITORS! Best traffic software out there. Basically you put any URL in box and click and boom it signs you into millions of websites which really you did not visit. When webmasters check their visitor stats they see your website url and visit your site. This Does not get much easier then this!

I am an experienced SEO-analyst. Over the 5+ years I've been in the market, not once have I seen a perfect site, SEO wise. For the ludacris price of $10 I will analyze your website and grant you tips on how you can improve it. I will also cross reference stats from the top websites in Google for a specific keyword and match them against your site, so that you can't fail in order to become #1 in Google!

I will Create 6000 VERIFIED backlinks using Xrumer for GBP 5

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I will create 6000 verified backlinks for you, and deliver within 24 hours. You are allowed one URL with up to three keywords. We have eight dedicated 100mbps servers (i7 / xenon based, 8gb ram) so there's no waiting around for weeks like other sellers.

I create an authentic, interactive, personal marketing plan for your business Facebook page. Get relevant & appropriate ideas you can use to create posts to interact with your fans and a plan for when/how to do it. You MUST have a completed and functioning website for this gig (*English only please* (if it's not in English msg me first)). Once I've given you the plan, you can request clarification of anything confusing or unclear.

I will add 2500+ [Facebook Likes], [Facebook Fans] within 24hrs. This gig is only for the [Facebook Pages] It is NOT for [Like Buttons] located on websites, blogs, etc... Please order only ONCE per URL/Link. Likes will be coming from Real HIGH-QUALITY Facebook accounts BUT NOT from real active people. We will not provide likes for photos, comments or contests.